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Hi I'm Andrew! My wife Taylor and I met 8 years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona. Married recently, we love adventure, spontaneity, and most of all; Photography. We always felt awkward getting our photos taken because we didn't know what faces to make or how to pose. So we set out to start our own photography company where we could express our passion for life through the love of photography, and help people look their best and have fun! We both come from very creative backgrounds and we love art, music, festivals, and our family. Music and photography have always been a huge part of our lives and so we decided it was time to just jump in head first and do for other people what we have always done for ourselves. We have an excellent eye for great scenery and poses, and we strive to make our sessions a blast. Professional photography can and should be both artistic and playful. So if you are looking for gorgeous photos for your Instagram, Linkedin, Modeling Portfolio, Wedding, Engagement Shoots, Couples Shoots, Maternity Photos, or just for fun, Book with us today and get ready for Lights, Camera, Caption!

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